Concept and realization of a sound monument in Leonding bei Linz (Upper Austria) in memory of the victims of National Socialism in cooperation with the organization kult-ex. Spoken texts from authors form an acoustic text sculpture which recounts the atrocities and deportation during the NS era. Its goal is to instil courage for resistance and political engagement in times of extreme repression, and to reiterate the possibility and necessity of such action.

Baustelle Chancengleichheit
2002 and 2005

Concept and organization of the conference series “Baustelle Chancengleichheit”. The first conference worked with the theme “Gender Mainstreaming in Regional Development”.
The second one was entitled “Social Economics as a Chance for Women” and concentrated on chances and advantages of the social economic system in regards to sustainability and equal opportunities. Client: Frauenstiftung Steyr.

Kultur Vermerke

Photo: Doris Schuller

Organization of the symposium series “Kultur Vermerke” with the themes “Europa-Kultur Kommunikation”, ”Sinn-Sinne-Sinnlichkeit, ”Spektakel-Kultur-Tourismus , and “Lug & Trug. In collaboration with Jutta Skokan.

Unsichtbares Oberösterreich

Photo: Christian Herzenberger

Project organization as a part of the Festival der Regionen 1997- in collaboration with Thomas Hinterberger. Theater as a game of hide-and-seek. Approximately 50 “performances” throughout Upper Austria made it difficult for the coincidental observers to differentiate between reality and play on the given day. Artistic direction: Georg Schmiedleitner and Hans Peter Horner.



eipcp-workshops (since 2000)

Organization of workshops as a part of the eipcp- European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies. The texts from the workshops are published in several languages in the eipcp web- journal Transversal.


Budapest (2000): ostwärts, kultur!
Potsdam (2000): cultura migrans
Neapel (2003): Real Public Spaces: Reclaiming the Streets

Wien (2003): Differences and Representations

Belgrad (2007): The Post-Yugoslav Condition of Institutional Critique

Wien (2008): But what about the context?


Photo: Dejan Tasic

Concept and organization of an exhibition with the theme of political resistance as a part of the Festival der Regionen 2001 in the Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr. The exhibition presented different forms of protest in six stations. A wide-ranging supporting program showed the theme from many different viewpoints.

Poseidons Auge

Photo: Johannes Wegerbauer

Production management of the underwater exhibition “Poseidons Auge”, which took place in 1998 as a part of the European cultural month in the city of Linz. Ten works by international artists were placed in ten open wooden boxes and immersed in the commercial harbour of Linz. Underwater cameras transmitted the pictures of the exhibit on monitors located at the peer, on television and on internet.

Concept, curator and client: Sery C.


The Power of Good-Bye

Design and production of an event for the employees of Abbot Diagnostics. Dance, music, projected pictures and historical reviews guided them through the twentieth century. A menu incorporating elements of the century formed the culinary framework: the bread soup of the “lean 20’s” had its place with the richer dishes of the 50’s as well as a sumptuous mix of the present.



Photo: Jon Solomon

Organization of the conferences “Borders, Nations, Translations- The Political Limits of Cultural Trans-Nationalism” and “The Art of Critique” in Vienna. Both conferences dealt with the questions raised by the multi-annual eipcp projects transform and translate. The texts of the conferences are published in several languages in the eipcp web-journal Transversal.


Photo: Mario del Curto

Organization on location for the “Nouveau Cirque” Que-Cir-Que. A critic wrote: “The greatest joy would be to see the Que-Cir-Que every evening.” Client: Art nach Lust, Georg Daxner.

Begegnungen - Ein Tag der Blasmusik entlang der Donau

Photo: Grilnberger

Organization of the event as a part of the Festival der Regionen 1995. A roundtrip cruise from Linz to Obermühl. The highlight took place at the Danube dam in Aschach, where musicians from the local brass band of Walding were flooded while they played a composition by Werner Puntigam. Like in real life, they assiduously played music until they were literally up to their necks in water! Artists: Werner Puntigam and Walter Lauterer.

100 Jahre Pöstlingbergbahn

Photo: Doris Schuller

Concept and organization of a series of events with a diversified program calling attention to the hundredth anniversary of the “steepest adhesion railway of the world”. Client: ESG Linz.



Coordination of the culture festival of Linz 1992 and 1993. Performances with famous national and international artists in the fields of music, theater, literature and cabaret. Client: Kulturamt of the city of Linz.